Doi chang’s storytelling ;

Let escape from the heat, a muddle head, the crazy rain and flooding in town with us by packing your stuff and get the car to Doi Chang, Chiang Rai. Come to join the world and feel the cool in the upper view of nearby Chiang Rai city. Just 30 minutes from town. (About 15 kilometers)

What are you waiting for? Grab your princess dress and sing the “Let it go” song with me. Because we gonna fly like a bird to the small mountain with full of sense from great coffee!


Before we start the Journey we need to find some partner to go with.(In case you need a good picture and company) Then fill your tank. Also get good mountains driving skills and don’t forget your driving license please!


Doi Chang and the drive

Please don’t use your Google map! This is an extraordinary way! When you type Doi Chang, they will show you another route which is very long and less beautiful than mine haha. Drive a few minutes through the mountain


From town we heading south through the rice field and a weir that we can drive through the water! (See my picture below)  Luckily we found some teenager enjoying their water slider ride so we stopped and take a picture for this beautiful view.


Doi Chang and the forest

you will see a coniferous forest that you can walk to take some picture also.


It is not over yet, Doi Chang has many things for you to discover but bye for now. 


Doi Chang is not over yet, There are many things for you to discover but bye for now.