Secret village located in a bowl of natural mountains, natural waterfall, and not far away from noisy city of Chiangrai.

Once you reach Doi Somwang, this place is another world. You will hear a natural music of birds and a small stream rushing through the village. Local village people will greet you with a cup of tea on viewpoints. Villager friendly, Quiet, Fresh, Breezy and very varieties of local organic food will bring your mind rest. Feel really down-to-earth & back-to-nature.

The three major hill tribes in Doi Somwang are the Akha, Lahu, and Karen, each with a distinct language and culture, also as the villager activities. So feel free to joy them.

When it came time to leave in the end, we took with us some wonderful memories as the first greet of smile. This was a fascinating place to visit and we would recommend anyone to make the time and arrange a visit here. You won’t forget it.